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4 typs of towel warmers and it’s implications

Towel warmers are similar to the towel racks which not only help in drying the wet towels but also in heating them. A wrap of warm towel after stepping out of a shower, especially in cold weather is bliss. Dried and warm towels also remain fresh when used repeatedly. Towel warmers come in a variety of designs such as wall mounted racks, mini cabinets or simply free standing towel warmers. The source of energy used for the warming process also classifies the towel heaters into two types- electrically heated and radiator heated. There are electric towel warmers which need to be plugged in or are simply hardwired into the house electric system. Radiators are also used to warm towels. These can have different mechanisms of heating up the towels through the stated energy sources. Here are the various types of towel warmers:

Towel warmers

Combination towel warmer/Radiator

Replacing the old conventional space consuming radiators used in our bathrooms, combination towel warmers are simply connected to the hot water supply and are smaller in size. The hot water runs through the central radiator panel and moves to all horizontal racks of the towel warmer. The flow of water is continuous as the radiator pipes are directly connected to the hot water piping and the towel warmer support bars are on wall studs in the bathroom. It is useful for people living in cold climates who frequently require warmed towels.

Electric towel warmer with wired switch

This type of electric towel warmer is hardwired in the electric system of the house and is operated with an on-off switch. The warmer racks are heated with the help of internal coils that can be heated up to 140 Fahrenheit. The electric switch board and the supports must be far enough from the tub and water supply to avoid any damage due to splashing of water. Some models also come with a embedded timer which allows us to set a time period for the warming of the towels and then turn off itself. Being hardwired in electrical system of the house wiring, these towel warmers can be expensive but durable and beneficial for those who need it frequently or on daily basis.

Electric towel warmer with a plug-in system

This is the most effortless towel warmer. It also uses an electrical supply for heating up the rails. It is easy to install and can be hung near any electrical supply. It works by simply plugging in or plugging out the wire. It comes handy when warming a towel is required occasionally.

Hedonic Towel Warmers

Hedonic towel warmers are too electrically operated but these do not warm the rack directly. These towel warmers instead heat up a thick gel fluid inside the racks which in turn heats up the racks. The cooler gel flows to the bottom of the rack whereas the warmer gel rises up to the horizontal bars of the rack with the help of a small pump embedded inside the wall. The warming and pumping process is continuous and the rack remains heated giving warmth to the towels hung over it most units are fit in with safety features such as thermostats and automatic shut off capabilities.

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