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Home office interiors

Your interiors define your present way of living. Are you working from home, courtesy pandemic? Have you turned your bedroom into your new workspace? While some see this as a new way of living that brings out the best in them, while others feel the vibe of the office is different. The “vibe” here refers to the interiors that play an important role. Let’s break the division of home and office by bringing the office to your space.

If you are looking for an architecture firm near you, Acanthus’s top Architecture & Interior Consultant services can guide you through this process of bringing office space to your home. Known for creating exemplary and sustainable architecture and designs, this interior design firm in Delhi is established by Nikhil Gupta and Akhil Gupta. Integrating creative excellence with functionality, their designed projects are not just about beautiful and stylish space, but also the incorporation of a multitude of elements that enhance and advance the quality of life.

With a sole mission to create value in the field of an interior firm and architect firm and aid clients to the dynamic and sustainable use of space, Acanthus has some great interior designer pricking their heads.

Work from home doesn’t have to mean you plonked on the couch like a couch potato with your laptop trying to be productive. Find a few interior tips discussed below that can turn your home into a great workspace.

Get rid of all clutters

Give an efficient office vibe to you home by shunning all the clutter affecting concentration and causing lethargy. Surely you have to invest in a good and comfortable study table and chair, but make sure it shouldn’t be that comfortable that you doze off. Let your space breathe. Don’t overcrowd it as empty space takes you deep into the ocean of thoughts, giving you space to think.

Be a mouse

Just as a mouse chooses to stay in the quietest corner of the home, be like them and design/choose one like that for your office/study set up at the home. For those who cant just work anywhere and everywhere, choose a space far away from the living area with a Chatterbox on wall, dining area or play area, in a distraction-free space. Stay away from trafficked areas and turn that quiet corner of the house into your zone.

Let your desk breathe

Add an element of plants around your desk to bring outside freshness to the interiors of the room. This will keep you all fresh and attentive. You can also set up your space near windows that entertain fresh sunlight and air to keep the whole vibe of the room uptight and fresh, further giving your eye the required beautiful break from screen time. You can keep walls of your study in classic white as it reflects lights, further giving an illusion of more space. A large mirror can serve the purpose too.

Stock up essentials

Choose efficient cupboard for your study to keep every important thing handy and in easy reach from you. you can have a different type of cupboard, from adding a rustic wooden one with multiple drawers to having a modern built that matches your decor and is multifunctional.

It requires a quiet and uncluttered space, with a beautiful vision and few strategic interior tricks for making your work from home a productive task. With a fine eye of Nikhil Gupta and Akhil Gupta, a detailed drawing of interiors incorporating these along with 3D rendered views, designed as per varied interior requirements can give you the real view of your final space.

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