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Is simbhaoli sugars genuine?

In today’s scenario, the market is overwhelmed with different types of products. Most companies claim their products to be of superior quality with a bunch of hyperbolic claims. I believe that we as consumers should be extra conscious before buying any product. It is important to do meticulous research as the substandard products can adversely hamper health.

I was pretty surprised to know how most people including me are not even aware that the sugar which we consume might be processed with the sulphur and other harmful chemicals. Sulphur can cause bronchoconstriction (the narrowing of the airways in the lungs). Sugar has always be just sugar for us.

While surfing on the internet, I stumbled upon this brand Trust Sugar, owned by Simbhaoli Sugars. This was the first time when I discovered sulphur less sugar. They sell it with the name “Trust Classic Sulphurless Sugar.”

While discovering deeper about the company on the internet, I came to know many reliable facts about the company and its sugar products. For instance, Simbholi Sugars is among the leading sugar mills in India with an eight-decade of experience in producing top quality sugars.  Moreover, every single product crosses several quality checks before it comes to the market.

Also, the company utilizes state-of-the-art technology and adheres to the international standards of production. They ensure their every product is hygienically packed and is completely chemical-free.

This makes me conclude that the company and its products are completely genuine.

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