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Label printing factory in china

printing_manufacturer_and_supplierToppan Win Label Printing (Dongguan) has been established in Southern China as a production facility, covering an area of 35,000 m2. Up to 40,000,000 labels a day of different types, sizes and content correspond to the factory printing potential. The production base adds value to the role that the Hong Kong central office plays in label printing concept and business in China and worldwide. That fact has been further enhanced by utilizing sophisticated management systems and people’s skills to approach and adequately tackle the needs and expectations of the customers.

Important aspects of the factory main printing activities fall in the following scopes:

  • pre-press production, based on the usage of different types of equipment and technology processes;
  • tailoring printing solutions to the customers’ requirements and needs, and so putting into force a specific know-how of the label printing in China;
  • post-press process for finishing the substrate in a professional manner that is equally applied during the whole printing process. That production capacity is supported by different laminating, die-cutting and other equipment.

For reproducing colors different types of devices are put into operation to ensure the quality standards.

This label printing factory in the hall of fame in China also possesses specialties related to different patterns of labels. Some high quality and cost-effective labeling options have recently been introduced. Different manufacturers can choose, for example, to opt for various label formats and solutions in terms of extra information and instructions of their own on the label.

An important concept that contributes to the factory competitive edge is also the one-stop service of printing that relates to the whole supply and production chain. Linked to that is also the safety of the working conditions. An advantage to compete with other producers is the significance attributed to the working wellbeing of the people involved in the whole process. That fact is also in full line with the concept of corporate responsibility and ethics.

Key milestones in the history of this label printing factoryin China after its foundation in 1995 indicate achievements like the China Label Awards 2010. It has acknowledged the professionalism of the enterprise, its know-how and relevance to customers’ needs, the award being treated as a benchmark in the label printing in China. In 2001, a specific award reference to medicine label printing was a strong signal for specific competences, too. In 2004 – among the Top 100 Printers in south China’s Guangdong. In 2010 – a sole licensee for a specific technology and an award in that respect. In 2011 – Top 30 of the best label printers in China. Some other corporate awards are related to standardization, quality and environmental management systems, status of qualified supplier for international and local companies in the healthcare sector; the food &beverage industry; excellence in printing; enterprise competitiveness; cleaner production, to name a few.

This success story in the label printing in China has become emblematic for the quality of service and modern technologies application as well as innovative equipment to improve production in terms of design, texture, customers’ ideas and needs. The one-stop option further strengthens the vision for innovative business approaches.

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