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Online Travel Guide for a Safe and Well-Planned Journey

Know the Destination you are travelling to. Learn about the health risks related to the country or countries you will be visiting. It is important to understand the laws and culture of the places you will be visiting.

It is important that you visit a doctor to answer your questions and make specific recommendations according to your health status. Visit a doctor at least 4-6 weeks before your trip. Make sure you have good health status before you travel. Pack well and smart when you are travelling.

Carry copies of your passport and travel documents. Have a copy of travel documents in each piece of luggage. Keep a coy with a friend or relative at home, in case you lose the original documents.

Carry sunscreen and insect repellent as when you are traveling to a hotter region or when you are doing adventurous trek. Make sure to eat food that is suitable for your health and drink a lot of water.

Make sure to Limit your alcohol intake, and do not drink alcohol before driving.

Wear a seatbelt when you are travelling in the car and Wear protective gear when doing adventure activities. Follow the local laws and customs to respect the host country. It is important to write down contact information such as phone numbers and addresses of services you may need before you leave.

If you want to drive overseas, be aware of your road rules. Learn about the driver’s license requirements as well as the restrictions of the insurance policy which you have internationally.

When traveling it is better to travel in the day light. Protect the belongings you carry during your travel. Carry important documents in a money belt underneath your shirt so you can access it easily.

Get insurance before you leave and make sure you have health and/or travel insurance. This will cover you against illness or injury, or damage to your baggage or rental car.

If someone follows you as you stroll around, call the police officer or walk into the nearest restaurant and get help.

Carry a pilloweye mask, and blanket on your trip, so you can sleep well on any bus, train, or plane ride.

Don’t Keep Money and Valuables in the Same Place and Spread them out in different bags and carriers.

Read well about any new country you are travelling to, especially one where you don’t know the language. Know about the local transit system. Research how you’ll travel from the airport to your hotel or hostel and give yourself lots of time.

Carry the card that does not charge you, much for taking funds from international ATMs. It is best to take out small amounts frequently rather than carrying large amounts of cash on you. Depending on where you are going carry a spare credit card in case you lose your card.

Utilize the different resources such as travel planner websites and guidebooks. You can also use various applications to plan your journey well in advance.

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