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Water and moisture will pass through the maceration and impact on the internal walls if exterior walls are exposed to rainwater or high humidity. It means your walls will remain moist for a long time before drying, contributing to mold growth and irreparable damage.

Water damage, including degradation and corrosion caused by chlorination, oxidation, and sulphurization, is present in exposed structures. We reduce concrete alkalinity and become acidic. The effects of the reinforcement bar are rusted and eventually expanded to significantly affect the ability of the structures to bear the load.

For a good home painting experience, these dampness issues need to be addressed. There continues to be plenty of uncertainty about the use and methods of waterproofing coating materials.

Below is the List of Best Waterproof Coating Materials:

  • Dr. Fixit

Pidilite has developed products such as Dr.fixit LEC for the supply of materials not only for waterproofing but also for insulation. Dr. Fixit LEC extends the building’s life cycle to maximize insulation and heat reduction. It decreases energy consumption as a whole and hence the building’s carbon footprint. Both goods help to reduce the thermal stress of a building and to prevent leakage, as opposed to other traditional raw materials, which results in the expansion of steel used in the walls and pillars of its core.

  • Britcrete Advanced
As a white waterproofing liquid, Britcrete Advanced is used as an additive for concrete/
mortars for the waterproofing and repair purposes. It is ideal for the use as a water-proof
protective shield for cementitious substrate and rebars. It’s most common applications are
waterproofing of toilets, chajja, terrace walls etc
  • Zentrifix-Elastic

Preformed membranes are used for physical waterproofing systems.  These membrane applications include multi-folds, in basements, wet areas, ponds, tanks, dead-walls, terraces, terraces, and structural elements. The applications include wet areas, structural elements, etc. The 2mm-thick Centrifix Elastic has a shield of 72 cm of well-compacted M30 concrete.

  • KEM proof 87

Coatings for concrete can be applied to stop the process of carbonation.  The ultimate KEM proof is elastomeric and has good weather and sunlight resistance. It is a single element device that includes inert pigments and fillers. It prevents the entry of chloride ions and exceeds the requirements of a carbon-proof coating that provides a smooth, durable and water-proof covering for concrete and masonry surfaces.

  • Polyureasystem

This product has all the benefits of coverings, liners, and membranes. This can be used in various waterproofing applications with such a short curing period that the surface is fully open in seconds.  The benefits of smooth, waterproof coating are associated with very long lifecycles and long life.

  • MasterSeal

MasterSeal combines fast curing, even at extremely low temperatures, and water tolerance with excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and long life. The system is suitable for the most challenging environments.


Advantages of Waterproof Coating Material:

  • With the help of waterproof coating material absorption of water is reduced.
  • They prevent cracks developing on the concrete surface.
  • They improve the concrete structure lifetime.
  • They prevent increasing rusting.
  • Help in preventing moisture within the house.
  • They prevent the roof and walls from draining.
  • It offers a healthy environment and helps to create a clean living and working area with good waterproofing systems. It protects both the property and the people therein.

A lot of waterproof coating material is available on the market and any waterproofing work should start with a thorough examination of the manufacturer’s literature, a call to a representative of the technical service is a must.

British Paints offers you the most advanced waterproofing materials, besides a wide range of decorative, ancillary and industrial products.

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