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Role of sauna heater on sauna and various kinds of sauna heater available in market

The heating system inside a sauna is of paramount importance, as the choice of the heating material affects the experience inside a sauna more than anything else. The role of the sauna heaters is to produce heat that warms the sauna, thus making you sweat and in some cases altering the air density. There are two major types of sauna heaters, the traditional heater which has rocks incorporated and the newer version which is infrared heater.

Traditional heaters mainly use oil, wood or gas. In the some countries like the United States, the maximum temperature allowed is 90 degrees Celsius. In Britain, the temperature limit is as outlined in BS standard rules. However some countries in Europe allow for higher temperatures.

When the traditional sauna heaters are turned on, the heat is transmitted from the sauna rocks which warm the sauna by convection means. Electric heated rock units take about half an hour to 1 hour to heat up. Typically, the temperature range 60 to 85A Celsius. These heaters have a covering or rails to protect sauna bathers. Heaters coated with a stainless steel enclosure may perform better than painted units due to the rust protection properties. Place the unit as centrally as possible to evenly distribute heat .Mounting it on a wall is preferred in residential units since it allows for more floor space. Traditional electric heaters are advantageous as they heat themselves for about one hour before shutting themselves down, therefore more energy saving than the wood, or gas heaters .Traditional rock heaters enables you to modify your heating experience. You can get a very hot, dry environment or by adding varying amounts of water and generate steam and reduce the intensity of the heat emitted

Infrared heaters were developed in the 1970s, infrared heaters gives an alternative to their ancestor rock heaters saunas. Basically, an infrared heater can be argued not to be a true sauna heater. This is because it does not use convection to warm, but instead it warms surfaces that it is exposed at It does not heat the surrounding air and cannot offer the entire benefits like in the case with the traditional sauna heat.

The infrared produce a lower temperature as compared to the traditional heaters, the heat is dry and water cannot be added to regulate the amount of heat emitted, it is also not possible to change the density of the air by varying the moisture content .These heaters use a zirconium tube energy source that normally raises the temperature to a rage of 40 to 65A Celsius.

The advantages of infrared heating system is that they heats up quicker than the traditional once , can maintain constant bathing temperature, safe to touch and they uses less energy. They also cost less as compared to the traditional saunas and they are easier to operate

Sauna heaters

A wide range of sauna heaters are available in the saunaplace , they include: electric heaters, wood, propane sauna heaters for the traditional heaters, and for the infrared the available materials are carbon fibber which emit a longer wave length and the ceramic heating system

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