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State the various difference between residential saunas and commercial saunas

In simple terms, a sauna is a wood-lined room or building designed to experience wet or dryheat sessions. The steam and high heat make the bathers perspire. Saunas consist of two basic types, conventional and Infrared Saunas. Conventional the primary difference is that traditional saunas heat the air which indirectly heats the bather, where an infrared sauna heats the bather directly.

Everyone perspires on a daily basis, however, deep sweating gives the body a myriad of benefits. This can be achieved through regular sauna bathing. Our core body temperature gradually rises and this makes us sweat more than just the normal perspiration reaching the inner tissues.

Saunas though having similarities with steam rooms, it should be noted that where saunas are mainly based on a dry environment, the steam room is designed to create wetness or humidity

We can further classify into two other sub categories; Commercial Saunas and Residential Saunas. Commercial saunas are mainly installed in commercial public places like Gyms, Public Baths, Hotels and Resorts.  Residential Saunas are in private homes for private use.

By design, there are few differences in each, howeverit’s important to note that the main differences involve privacy and relaxation.  While it’s not impossible to relax in a public environment, one of the primary reasons people say they purchase a home sauna is for the privacy that’s provided.With privacy, increased relaxation generally occurs.  Of course cleanliness is also often cited.

Most sauna enthusiasts credit their first experiences occurring in commercial saunas.  Commercial Saunas generally run at optimum temperatures and provide the popularly-used sauna accessories and offer showers in close proximity. It sometimes takes a bit more effort to duplicate this experience in a home sauna.  That’s why a good sauna retailer offers all of the “enhancements” found in Commercial Saunas for the Residential Sauna owner, such as Home Sauna Accessories.

Of course a Residential Sauna requires an initial investment.  Most home sauna owners show the willingness to invest in their health and happiness.  Once the initial investment is made and installation is complete, the running costs and maintenance are generally minimal

Commercial Saunas are relatively large compared to the home saunas. Residential Saunas generally are smaller and designed for a smaller number of users. Mostly users are family members, relatives and sometimes home staff.  These saunas can be customized or personalized to fit the family’s needs and the space they have designated for it to go.  It would be unreasonable on the other hand to have a small sauna or steam room in a commercial setup since there may be many users at a single time. Whether using commercial saunas or residential saunas, it is important to realize that the health benefits are all the same!

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