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Travel Guide – Your inquiries offered an explanation to Mozambique


Arranging a midyear holiday to Mozambique opens up a case of inquiries that need quick replying. We are here to aid you to reply the same number of these inquiries before you set off into Africa. Until further notice, it is safe to say that Mozambique is a standout amongst the most stable nations on this unlimited mainland, its progressing infrastructural advancement upgrading its tourism potential.

Mozambiquehas an unpredictable and intriguing history that dates as far back as 9 AD when trader boats went to from India, Persia and Arabia. The Portuguese touched base in the fifteenth century and the battle for force escalated around the nineteenth century.



Mozambique is today a safe spot to visit, despite the fact that regardless you have to be mindful at all times and abstain from being separated from everyone else in abnormal spots. Be watchful of insignificant burglary and conveying things of worth. You will undoubtedly be influenced some place along the route amid your holiday and you have to convey your identification on all of you the time. Continuously stay courteous and stick to the guidelines. There are still landmine remainders off the beaten track so abstain from meandering around off roadsides or pathways into the shrub – dependably ask local people first.


Mozambicans utilize the metical (meticais) yet tourists can transform US Dollars at most banks and South African Rands are generally acknowledged in southern Mozambique. All primary towns have ATMs and all acknowledge Visa Cards, not MasterCard.


Everybody needs to get a visa to enter Mozambique – with the exception of in the event that you originate from South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Botswana. They can be purchased at most fringes yet it is shrewd to get them long ahead of time to dodge any hitches and postpones on your adventure. On the off chance that you travel by transport and you don’t have your visa, transports anticipate no man and will abandon you!

Atmosphere and what to wear:

Mozambique is adored for its continually pleasant temperatures amid winter and summer – somewhere around 24 and 30 degrees C. At the point when the downpours come amid December, January and up until April, it gets to a great degree damp and uncomfortable so stay close to the ocean, where ocean breezes help to facilitate the warmth. The most stable climate is amid the dry, cooler season from May to November – which additionally happens to be whale season. Keep in mind that South Africans run over the fringes into Mozambique for their Easter and Christmas holidays!

Arriving at that point:

You can bounce on an expansive “extravagance” transport that travels day by day in the middle of Johannesburg and Maputo by means of the Komatipoort/ Ressano Garcia fringe post. In the event that you travel from Durban by means of the Kosi Bay outskirt post, you require a 4×4 vehicle from that point so need to book an exchange. Becoming acquainted with from Ponto do Ouro is basic, in the event that you are willing to board a chapas (taxi) twice week after week.

All things considered, travel to Mozambique could be possible with almost no object – have you

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