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Why Desktop Publishing is Important for Translations

Desktop Publishing is also known as DTP. It involves the layout of images and text and the design. Usually, it is associated with printed documents, but it is also relevant for digital content. In spite of giving your translation project to a professional translation company, you would still need to add DTP to your project. Replying on the design team for the layout is definitely not enough. Read on to know more on why DTP is important to a translation project.

  • Multilingual desktop publishing experts are flexible – This feature can come in handy if you have only PDF file to submit, for instance. Multilingual desktop publishing experts can recreate any file for you. A part of their day to day work is to layout documents using various software and file formats in different languages. This in turn becomes very easy for you to get your file created and that too in any language format you want.
  • Helpful for complex languages – Language service providers are adept at providing services in any world language. Many localization projects involve BiDi characters or bidirectional, complicated characters which can expand or contract upon translation. Many Asian languages such as Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, etc. may expand or contract upon translation depending upon the source page or text. For instance, printed documents translated from English to Arabic, French, German expands and need much more space and smaller fonts. Mandarin or German words with the same meaning can be many characters long that in turn requires re-sizing of menu items or graphics. Multilingual desktop publishers come handy in such a situation as they can easily modify the design or layout to accommodate any changes that disrupts the overall layout.
  • Critical impact on the localization project – It might be tempting to know that after hiring a translation company, the layout or DTP are not that important. In fact, having DTP can have a lasting impact on your localization project by making it error free. For instance, a professional language service provider has years of experience in formatting for compliance and regulatory, cultural adaptation, and scripts and fonts and thus can help you make your project look neat as well as error-free.
  • Save time and resources – Professional desktop publishers have international teams at their disposal. These teams are available 24*7 to meet the needs and requirement of the client. So, make sure you trust someone who knows how to work with different words and characters and would be able to provide services as and when you require. By hiring a DTP, you can factor in the time and money saved in rework done on formatting and revising.

Therefore, DTP is very much important to get a polished document that is worth publishing. Working with a professional language provider who can employ professional desktop publishers is one of the best ways to make sure that the localization you invested in is presented to your target audience in the best format possible.

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