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Winter Hair Care: 4 ways to beat the chill


Smoothening your tangles and minimizing hair fall is the biggest matter of concern for women in the days of winter. Moreover, letting go of that greasy feeling is also a task. Since a good hair day is like a ray of sunshine, it might be the perfect treat for you to have a few healthy hair care tips to try this season. We bring you 4 easy tweaks that can instantly upgrade your hair while brightening your mood!

Tone Your Hair Colour

It doesn’t hurt to make your hair shine a little. Add some gloss to your toning services and rock a cool blonde hair colour this season. These formulas function like a topcoat, thereby sealing the surface of your hair and creating a reflective, protective top layer which even in low winter light, make your strands look brilliant.

Give Your Haircut A Thought

Winter brings liberation from heat and humidity and with that comes new freedom in your hair styling and haircut options. You can have bangs, layers and even short haircuts without worrying about the weather. Winter is the time to try things one would never attempt in the summer. After all your hair can all grow out by the time the weather gets warm again.

Let Your Hat Be Your Stylist

Winter brings an opportunity to let your favourite accessory be part of your styling regime. Keep your locks open or twist them in braids and simply pop your hair under a hat. You can walk around in the hat itself and or you can release the twists to have soft, flowing, beach waves.

Moisturize Your Hair In Plenty

Winter tends to strip all the moisture out of your hair which leads to uncontrolled dryness and dullness. To avoid your strands being lacklustre and hard to style, do moisturize. Look for rich, luxurious shampoos and conditioners with richer formulas that restore moisture and prevent your hair and scalp from becoming dry, itchy or irritated. You can even apply your favourite mask to damp hair and let the nourishment penetrate well.


We, at Avizano, are committed to cater to all the needs of your precious hair. Our exclusive range of products are devised to delight every single cell and tissue of your hair, and leave it with a soft and silky shine.

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